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At Viva Dental Dryden, we all enjoy and love our respective professions and hope this reflects on our patients’ experience. All Team Members were hand selected to join Viva Dental Dryden not only based on their clinical and professional attributes but also on their sincere and caring  personal qualities. We have many different personalities on our team but we all are hardworking, skilled, kind, happy, dedicated and humble individuals. We treat each other like family and we are there for one another in times of need. We love to laugh and joke about each member’s idiosyncrasies. We all have big hearts and can take constructive criticism and even criticism that isn’t so constructive :) 

We cherish our patients and appreciate their trust but if your anything like our beloved patients Rein, we will not think twice before making you a Voodoo doll! 


Read more about each member in the "Team" section!

"The little blue house with big personality!"