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Dr. Ghada Ibrahim and her team at Viva Dental are committed to giving back to their community.  Here are some local charities and events they are taking part of in Dryden and the Sunset Country Region.

 Dryden Syrian Refugee Committee

Viva Dental Dryden is proud to announce that Dr. Ibrahim and 6 other members of the community have formed a committee to sponsor a Syrian refugee family to immigrate to Dryden. We have been working on this matter since October of 2015 about and finally found a family of 6 to sponsor. The family has been recently contacted by the Canadian Embassy in Jordan to confirm their contact information and we are hoping that their paperwork will be finalized by the end of 2016 or start of 2017. 

 Dr. Ibrahim has made direct contact with the family in the refugee camp where they have been living for 4 years. They escaped the war in Syria in 2013... and have been in Iraq in Kawergosk refugee camp since. The family have been screened and cleared through the United Nations to immigrate into any country that can sponsor them.
This is a purely humanitarian effort and the committee members believe that Dryden will be a great home for them. Dryden has been generous and kind and we will continue to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

The family consists of (Accurate as of October 2015). 
Dad: Abed Hameed, 41 years old.
Mom: Shaha, 39 years old.
Eldest son: Omar, 9 years old.
Second son: Othman, 7 years old.
Eldest daughter: Miri, 5 years old.
Youngest Member: Seela, a 3 year old girl.

The committee is very excited to announce that we are on track with the paper work and we hope to see Abed and his family living amongst us soon!


Donations can be made through the following methods:
Donation receipts will be issued through the kind involvement of the Lutheran Church in Dryden.

1. Send an E- transfer to

2. Cheques to be dropped off at Viva Dental at 104 King Street across from the LCBO store.
Please write the cheques payable to the Lutheran Church Dryden and indicate in the memo subject " Dryden Syrian Refugee Committee".

3. Cash to be dropped off at the above address.

4. Now that we know the ages and number of family members, lightly used or new clothing items, toys , blankets , kitchen items , furniture, school supplies ......etc can be also dropped off at Viva Dental. Our basement will act as a storage area until we set the family up with accommodations.

Please visit our fb page  for updates and additional information:

The Dryden Food Bank is a registered Charity, whose mandate is to distribute donated foods to all individuals in the Dryden are that require assistance.
Goals & Objectives

1. To see lives being affected physically, emotionally, and spiritually through the building and nurturing of relationships

2. To be a tangible arm for the Churches of Dryden and Area, to feed the hungry and less fortunate

3. To give businesses, service clubs and the people of Dryden and area a tangible way of helping those within their community

Wishes that make a difference..

The Children's Wish Foundation is a uniquely Canadian charity that helps Canadian children, families and communities by granting the favourite wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. With every wish that we grant, we create moments of joy that ease the pain of a child, give respite to the child's family, and connect healthcare professionals and communities in that burning wish of hope.