Referrals to all types of specialists is available at Viva Dental Dryden. Patients will receive care to the best of our team's ability but sometimes the involvement and the consultation of a doctor who specializes in a specific area is crucial to patients health. 
The most important goal is providing the patients with treatment or information that will address and treat his/her condition to a satisfactory level. We have specialists in Kenora, Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. The patient will be given the choice of location when possible. 
Below is a list of specialists we continuously work with to provide our patients the best possible treatment outcome. 

1. Oral Surgeon:  Specialize in head and neck surgery including biopsies, extraction of impacted teeth,  bone grafts, jaw corrections, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and much more) 

2. Orthodontist:  Specializes in the alignment of teeth that may be crowded or spaced. Put simply, it's the specialty in which the doctor places braces on teeth to align them in good position. This specialty has many more intricate details including directing jaw growth, cosmetics, uprighting tilted teeth and correcting over-bites or under-bites. Kids and adults can both receive orthodontic treatment when needed.

3. Pathologist:   A physician or dentist who specialize in disease recognition and treatment. They perform biopsies or medical and dental examinations to diagnose oral or systemic diseases. Many systemic diseases have oral manifestations and visiting your dentist to help you diagnose a swelling or a lesion in your head and neck area may be a life saver. 

4. Periodontist:  Specialist in treating gum disease when care at a general practitioner's office through cleanings is not adequate to control the disease. The Periodontist can perform gum surgery to treat disease and monitor the progression of those conditions considered chronic. 

5. Endodontist:  A specialist in Root Canal Treatment. Dr. Ibrahim At Viva Dental performs Root Canal Therapy with high proficiency but she may chose to refer a patient to the Endodontist for complex cases with difficult anatomy or those requiring three dimensional imaging.  

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a very large category. Any procedure from restoration (fillings ), dentures, crowns and bridges, extractions, surgery to implants can be considered cosmetic dentistry. Below we will discuss two of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry. 

Teeth Whitening:  Teeth whitening is one example of a common cosmetic procedure. It's simple and safe and all it takes is the fabrication of plastic custom trays and using a special whitening gel for a couple of weeks. patients love the results. Come in for a consultation and get as much information as you need and ask our team members about this procedure. 
Veneers or Bonding:  This procedure consists of covering the front surface of the tooth and can be used to cover front teeth that are discolored, crowded, spaced, fractured or un-proportional. This is a very successful procedure and very predictable in terms of success and patient satisfaction. Veneers can be done at the lab in porcelain material or at the office in white filling material. Dr. Ibrahim will discuss your options with you and will give you an idea about time involvement and cost for each procedure.

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